In July 7, 2021, Chicago Reader published these photos as the cover of 
For the first time in 42 years, a group of youths is now part of the Summer Fest committee, 
thanks to Shifa Zhong (right) here with Gene Lee, the "mayor of Chinatown."
This issue’s cover story by Yolanda Perdomo features Adam Carston 
and how his pandemic lockdown project @windycityballyhoo turned 
into a time capsule of the city’s moviegoing past.
Kartemquin Films has named award-winning filmmaker, curator, and programmer Amir George (@geoauteur) its artistic director to lead the artistic vision of the organization. 
Passing the position from the founder of Katemquin Films Gordon Quinn, who has been making documentaries for over 45 years and has produced or directed over 30 films.

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